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Our mission at Town Center Pre-School is to ensure that our children are provided with the love, safety, guidance, acceptance and challenging tools to facilitate their natural abilities to learn and flourish in their personal and educational lives. Our mission is for our children to strive at all developmental levels while respecting and supporting their individuality to explore and grow in an ever changing global society.

Town Center Pre-Schools ultimate goal is to continue providing our children with the love and education year after year by cultivating their environment with teachers that inspire, love and educate each day of your child’s early learning experiences at our school.



Our philosophy is that children learn better when we focus on the active learning. Is the base of the High Scope Curriculum. This learning comes from the interior, rising out of their initiative. Our role as educators is to support them as they construct their own knowledge. In the stages of development, we cover the aspects of physical, cognitive language, social and emotional development for all children.



Many of our staff possess a B.A. in education or related field and have completed a CDA (Child Development Associate) equivalency. The center also requires that all staff members complete Children & Families 45 hours of child care courses and First Aid/CPR training. Criminal background screenings (federal and local) and Tuberculosis testing as mandated by the Department of Child Care Licensing are also conducted. Our teachers also complete annual in – service trainings to keep abreast with the latest child care developments. They are required to follow a daily curriculum of academic, social development, arts & crafts, and musical awareness each day and last but not least provide a safe and loving environment for all our children. We welcome you to see for yourself!



Nurturing is nothing more than paying attention to detail


Hours of Operation are from Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


We are open all year round excluding the following holidays:

  • – New Year’s Day
  • – President’s Day
  • – Martin Luther King’s Day
  • – Thankgiving
  • – Independence Day
  • – Labor Day
  • – Memorial Day
  • – The day after thanksgiving
  • – 4th of July
  • – Christmas Eve
  • – Christmas Day

Great Outdoors

Our Play & Recreational Grounds





Parents are always welcome to volunteer at our facility. We encourage you to engage in your child’s education and development. You may participate at our school functions, field trips and holiday celebrations. The office will provide you with a volunteer form to fill out. The school director will accommodate you in whichever event you would like to participate in. We encourage you to participate in our “Book in a Bag” weekend. By reading to or with your child, you will be sharing the importance of literacy in your child’s informative years. Ask your child’s teacher for further information.


We support and encourage our parents to be active in their child’s progress. If there are any concerns or questions that your child’s teacher may assist you with, please do not hesitate to visit the school director for a scheduled meeting with the teacher. We are available for formal conferences annually with your child’s teacher in conjunction with the results of an evaluation given by the teacher mid-year and towards the end of the school year upon request.


Below is a checklist of the things you will be given and talked about throughout your first day at our school.

  • A guided tour of our school
  • Introduction to our center staff
  • A copy of the parent handbook
  • Child Application and fee schedule
  • Food Program Form
  • Talk about our support services
  • Child Assessments and conferences
  • Family visits, celebrations, and volunteering
  • Open door policy


The school provides open enrollment all year round. Parents must fill out a child application form with the most recent telephone numbers of parents, family, and friends. Parents must submit their child’s physical examination record (yellow form) and vaccination record (blue form), provided to you by your child’s pediatrician, upon the first day of enrollment.

If your child is absent for three consecutive weeks, without notifying the school, you are required to re-register your child upon the child’s return to the school. You must also provide newly updated medical forms, address and telephone numbers of family & friends.

Parents are responsible for informing the school of any new phone numbers or addresses. We will not be held responsible in an emergency situation where the teacher or director cannot contact you due to failure of updating your child’s application form.


We admit and welcome students, adults, parents and staff of any race, color, nation and ethnic origin, sex, age, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability or veteran status to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available at the school. It does not discriminate in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and subsidized programs. Children with special needs are welcome into our programs. We are an all inclusive school. Any modification that do not fundamentally alter our programs and allow for readily achievable and accessible means will allot for the child with special needs to enter the program.


Tuition fees are due weekly, on Mondays or the first day of attendance and are non-transferable and non-refundable. There will be a late charge of $3.00 per day, if tuition is not brought in the first day of your scheduled week. Your tuition fee includes all meals corresponding to your program. Full-time students receive breakfast, lunch and snack. Part-time students receive lunch. Parents must pay the full week, regardless of attendance.

Part time students will be charged $3.00 per half hour beyond regularly scheduled time of pick-up.Overtime of $0.50 per minute will be charged after closing time.There will be a $35.00 return check fee. Cash or money will only be accepted after the second return check.
Registration and Supply Fee
Registration fee (includes insurance and guaranteed space) is charged annually for all students. Once registration has been paid, children are allowed one week of vacation time during the year. Once you have used up your free time, you must pay your tuition regardless if he/she is absent from school. (no exceptions)Children 2 – 5 years will be charged an annual supply fee. This includes all school materials your child will be using throughout the year
The center reserves the right to discontinue child care service for any payment overdue.


We provide parents with free 15 hour a week instruction for their four year old children. Our program participates with the county to offer Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK). The VPK program prepares children for kindergarten by giving them a jump start on their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills, so they are ready and eager to learn. You may also go to for more information or to the school’s director for details on the program.
Scholarships for our Kindergarten, First and Second grade classrooms are also provided for the families who qualify. This is a great opportunity for your child to receive certified quality elementary education in a SMALL MORE PERSONALIZED ENVIRONMENT.
The school also participates with local funding to provide subsidized help with child care and after school tuition called Child Development Services. Please see the school director for more info.


At Town Center School, we use the three R’s of discipline: Remove, Reflect and Reconnect.

  1. Remove the child (children) from the situation.
  1. Reflect, this is a time as a teacher to ask this questioning behavior:

What did I do wrong?
Why wasn’t my action acceptable?
What should I have been doing instead?
What will I do in the future?
Students own up to their actions.

  1. Reconnect: We establish or reconnect the bond between teacher and students.


When we are solving problems and conflicts we follow these steps:

  • Approach calmly: we prepare ourselves for a positive outcome; we respect all the points of view being neutral.
  • Acknowledge feelings: we give recognition to the feelings the children are expressing by using simple and descriptive words. This helps the child to let go of the

feelings, then we let them know that they can figure out the solution.

  • Gather information: We let them know that we want all the details and we listen carefully for the details and needs children are describing: they are the key to find the solution.
  • Restate the problem: We restate the problem and we clear the issues. We check with the children if they agree that we have identified the problem.
  • Ask for ideas for solutions and choose together: Respect and explore all of the children’s ideas.
  • Be prepared to give follow up support: Children may need help in implementing the solution; difficulties may arise because one of the children is still carrying angry feelings that need further acknowledge and assistance.

We let the children know the kind of behavior that we expect from them.

Present adult feelings and needs.
Gives reasons why a behavior should not be continued.
Describe behaviors and actions rather than persons.
Present choices and limits.
Encourage a better understanding of why a problem behavior is not acceptable while helping children to make constructive choices.
This action is done when a child hurt others, hurt themselves or vandalizes property.

Discipline policy will be appropriate, respectful, not tied to food or toileting, and within appropriate developmental expectations. Corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, harsh or humiliating treatment is not permitted and is against our school philosophy.


Our staff takes the utmost care in protecting the children from any form of abuse and neglect. Teachers will report to the school director if a child is suspected of abuse or neglect. It is Florida law to call 1-800-962-2873 (Florida Abuse Hotline), if the school suspects or actually witnesses’ child abuse or neglect. The parent or child’s guardian will also be notified once the school has determined such abuse


Topic: Additional Policies… Content:In the event that our center closes early due to severe weather conditions or other unforeseen emergency, we will notify parents by phone for child’s early dismissal. Parents must call the following day to verify that the school has reopened and stay abreast with the latest local news on weather conditions in the area.


  • The center cannot accept children who are ill. A written note from your child’s doctor must be obtained in admitting your child back into the school. The school will only administer medicine authorized by the doctor through a labeled prescription. Parent must fill out a medication form prior to administering medicine.
  • Parents must obtain a note from the child’s pediatrician regarding any allergy (food or other) the child may have.We request a parent letter for any religious exempt food the child may not eat at the school.


  • Infants and Toddlers should bring two extra sets of clothing daily along with diapers and wipes. Preschoolers should bring one set of clothing daily. All articles must be labeled in black permanent marker.
  • Children are not allowed to bring toys, jewelry, money, playing cards, video games, MP3’s or any other such devices. The center will not be held responsible for any damage or lost items.
  • Uniforms are mandatory for children 2 years and above.
  • One sheet and one blanket is required for naptime. They must be picked up on Fridays and brought back on Mondays, washed.
  • Special Summer Camp activities are provided for children 2 years and up, running from mid June through August.
  • If an accident or incident occurs at the school, the parent will be notified in writing by the child’s teacher or school director.
  • Parents must escort their child into the school at anytime and come into the school to pick up their child. Parents must sign their child’s in and out attendance sheet on a daily basis. Only authorized persons listed on the child’s application with proper photo identification are allowed to pick up your child from the center.
  • Children participating in field trips must have a written consent form by the parent, wear their school t-shirt and must be at the school by the designated time. No refunds are given for missed field trips.
  • The center celebrates children’s birthday parties. Please let us know in advance for any accommodations we may provide for you.
  • Our center believes in an open door policy where the parent or family member may walk in at any time to visit their child and participate in his/her daily activities.


Town Center Pre-School reserves the right to revoke the enrollment of a child (ren) for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment or excessive late payment of tuition fees
  • Violation of the rules and regulations of the pre-school as outlined in this Parent Handbook and Agreement
  • Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children by parent, child, guardian, or family member
  • Child hurting him/herself or showing behaviors of harm towards other children.





Our Handbook
Discipline Policy
Flu Requirements
Know Your Child Care
Child Abuse Brochure
Enrollment Form


Town Center Pre-School is a family oriented school that has been serving families in the Hammocks/West Kendall area for 22 years. We have many students who return as parents to bring their own children to our center. Our long hours of operation give working parents the peace of mind of leaving their children in a safe and loving environment.



Yes, we are expanding and we are looking for qualified professionals with experience to join our team.
Feel free to fill out a online request form.