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Our mission at Town Center Pre-School is to ensure that our children are provided with the love, safety, guidance, acceptance and challenging tools to facilitate their natural abilities to learn and flourish in their personal and educational lives. Our mission is for our children to strive at all developmental levels while respecting and supporting their individuality to explore and grow in an ever changing global society.

Town Center Pre-Schools ultimate goal is to continue providing our children with the love and education year after year by cultivating their environment with teachers that inspire, love and educate each day of your child’s early learning experiences at our school

Our philosophy is that children learn better when we focus on the active learning. Is the base of the High Scope Curriculum. This learning comes from the interior, rising out of their initiative. Our role as educators is to support them as they construct their own knowledge. In the stages of development, we cover the aspects of physical, cognitive language, social and emotional development for all children.


Infants, new infant of 9 months old and older.  We provide a excluded area were infants are away from the older student maintaining them isolated from bacteria’s and germs. The infant’s quarters are detailed for your child safety and visual development.

Toddlers, motors skill are one of our main focus, we nurture them with plenty of love and care. The heart of our facility were love, fun, and learning displayed with laughter and long lasting memories. Our class routines include the most current skills full learning, activities views as well as our physical activities. We introduce computers as well as early as ages from 3 years and older.

From Kinder to 6th grade, Town center Preschool extend its educational services for our community in the hammock Miami Florida. Under the government (insert government program or certification along with license and permit) program we provide full class room curriculum with certified teacher. Most of our elementary student are previous infants or preschoolers that have stayed with us after years of great services. Our classes include the use of computers and the most recent education teaching methods.

Breakfast, lunch and snack included. – We participated on the nutritious and balanced meals of the Florida Department of Health Food Program  Our meals ours are follow after personal hygiene from 11:30 to 1:30 pm .

Active Participatory Learning: The High Scope Curriculum Government program which emphasizes adult-child interaction, a carefully designed learning environment

With the proper coordination we can provide designated rooms for student that require or participate in therapy programs.


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